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World Series Of Poker

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is a series of poker tournaments held annually in Las Vegas and, since 2005, sponsored by Caesars Entertainment (known as Harrah's Entertainment until 2010). It dates its origins to 1970, when Benny Binion invited seven of the best-known poker players to the Horseshoe Casino for a single tournament, with a set start and stop time, and a winner determined by secret ballot.

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Playing my first casino poker tournament tomorrow. Any tips?

Hey guys, I'm playing poker since I am 13-14 years old and as I am 18 now and started to play online the fascination grows stronger and stronger. As I am a big fan of watching live poker, I decided to sign up for a tournament at a casino in my area. They do those every weekend and it's attended by 40-60 people. That's why I would like to ask you guys for some advice, not only playing but behaviour etc. as I am very unexperienced in that stuff and I dont want to embarrass myself. Thanks in advance!
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Can people come hang out at a casino poker tournament?

So I'm cashing regularly in MTTs online and I'm thinking of heading to the Horseshoe Hammond for a live low-stake tourney to test my luck.
I've never played in a casino though.
My wife and I both love gambling (big surprise) and I was wondering if it's against etiquette or anything for her to swing by the poker room, bring drinks, observe on and off while I'm playing if it drags out and she gets bored. Just trying to figure out if that's cool before I plan a day at the casino.
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Weird question: During a live local casino poker tournament with fairly regular participants, is it possible to use the fish image to ones advantage?

I'm a 21yo, about a year and a half into the game. Cashed for about £3000 over the course of entering around 40 - 50 tournaments. However, from the regulars who are there every day, (I maybe go once or at most twice a week) I keep getting called a fish. Now this annoyed me at first, but then I started to wonder if there was any way to use this image to my advantage? But thats as far in the thought process I got.
Also cashed last night for £450 last night, for those interested. Was short stacked majority of the way through, was pretty proud of myself.
Anyones thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Great Sub, long time lurker first time poster in this Sub.
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First time casino poker tournament...Advice please!

Tomorrow night I plan to do a $120 buy-in for NLTH 50 person tourney. I've played some $2/4 Limit Texas Holdem multiple times there and recently haven't had any luck. I'm wondering if a tourney is right for me. Do any of you have advice for a strategy going into the tourney considering it's no limit now and it's a tourney instead of a cash game?! All advice is greatly appreciated. Also, I must say that I'm 21 and relatively knew to poker.
Link for the Monday Tourney:
EDIT: Didn't do very well, as expected. I took like 30 something out of 50. Went all in w/ KQs and everyone folded, one guy called w/ AQs. Out kicked me. both had trip Queens after all the streets. I saw 4 flops in about 1 hour. Blinds killed me. I guess it was a learning experience.
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Belterra Casino Poker Tournament

Has anyone been to one of these recently? They have 3 on Friday and 2 on Saturday. Are they pretty well populated?
The last time I was at Belterra's poker room was around 10 years ago. There were only 4 tables at the time.
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Commerce Casino Poker Tournament Trip Report

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Borgata just changed their entire Spring Open structure to BB Ante

I'm actually really excited to play this structure. Never played in a BB ante structure before, but for tournaments like the Almighty, which usually draws 800+ players, I'm hoping it helps speed up the game.
Here's a link to the entire tournament schedule
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Could anyone explain these poker terms?

I'm a decent online free game Texas hold'em player and looking to enter real world casino poker tournaments and need help finding out what the following terms mean.
If anyone could give a brief description of the corresponding number, it would be big help. Cheers.
1) Eight max tournament
2) to run a table eight handed
3) 25 minute blinds
5) 25 minute blind, with added levels
6) £2,000 guarantee
7) two reentries permitted.
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CASH & Tournament Poker @ Live Casino

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Best Poker Tournament Guarantees in U.S. (East Coast)

I played in the $580 buy-in $500k guaranteed at MGM National Harbor a few days ago and wanted to see if anyone else could recommend some good guaranteed MTTs on the east coast (and the time of year during which these occur). I'm looking for stuff w/ a $250k+ guarantee.
I'm pretty new to the whole tournament scene and want to build out a schedule for the year. Thanks!
EDIT: Thanks to those who responded! I am aggregating data here for anyone else interested:
Parx Casino
Maryland Live!
MGM National Harbor
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My girlfriend making me coffee after spending 9 hours cheering me up in the poker room of our local casino (first live tournament for me in 2 years)

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Borgata Poker Open - $2 million guarantee event

Hey /poker,
Does anyone have experience in the $2 million guarantee event? What's the field like?
I'm thinking of taking a flyer on this event. I have few illusions that I would do super well or even money, as I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to MTTs...I've played something like three live tournaments ever, although I chopped one of them for a few hundred. One of the main reasons I'm interested is because I'd like to get more experience at big events and MTTs, but I have no idea if this is even a sensible place to start.
Also, $500 feels like a large investment to me compared to my usual buy-ins online (10NL, sometimes 25NL) and live ($1/$2). So the opportunity cost seems kinda high as well.
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In the USA, a man sues a casino for canceling a poker tournament

In the USA, a man sues a casino for canceling a poker tournament
The poker player has filed a lawsuit against the Atlantic City casino over an unannounced tournament in 2015.
It is known that a man named Michael Bandler came to Atlantic City from Vermont five years ago with the intention of taking part in a $ 150,000 poker tournament at the Golden Nugget Casino. declares that the decision is to defraud customers and the advertising of the event misled players.
Representatives of the casino, in turn, argue that the announcement was a warning about the possible cancellation of the tournament. Today it is known that the court's decision was originally in favor of the casino, but then the New Jersey Court of Appeals overturned the decision and accepted Michael Bandler's side.
Come over to our website to read some more interesting news!
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Will Wynn casino withhold tournament winnings if you were banned from all Wynn properties in the past for non-poker related issue?

Basically I did a dumb thing a year ago and got banned from all Wynn properties after trying to go to Encore beach club. But they didn’t book me or anything, so I have no idea how they enforce the ban. Anyways, let’s say I play a tournament at the Wynn and cash. If they find out I was banned a while ago, what would happen?
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Roulette Tournaments - The Best Casino Games Online : poker tipsのblog

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Roulette Tournaments - The Best Casino Games Online : poker tipsのblog

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Are there casinos that still do poker tournaments? (Texas holdem nl)

Any poker players know?
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[TOMT] [MOVIE] Looking for the title of a movie about a group of medical students who hustle casinos, playing poker, to pay off their student debt. The one who plays poker is a girl, who was taught to do so by her father. In the end she plays a tournament against her father.

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Poker Tournament / Casino Night Business

Hi all, hope it's ok to post this here. So i'm starting a casino party business. Similar to a DJ, i will be hired by customers or event planners to turn any fundraiser or party into a casino night or poker tournament. I've been in this industry for quite some time and want to start my own company, doing my own sales and running my own events. I cannot decide on a business name -- which i'm basically at the whim of whatever domain names are available. Here's what i thought of so far;
Double Down Entertainment LLC
Five Diamonds Events LLC
Action Casino LLC
Stack City LLC
That's Poker LLC
Lucky 7's Events LLC
If anyone would like to give me any feedback on these names it would be greatly appreciated. I would like their to be some sort of 'high-end appeal' when you hear my business name, as many competitors in my location are on the lower end of quality. I know all these names don't fit that but i'm just brainstorming at this point. any suggestions also appreciated!! thank you!
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Literally the only thing I think about when ever I'm in the Casino is a poker tournament.

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Downtown Casino Poker Leagues : Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments: Happy Thanksgiving !! Promo Code !!

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Downtown Casino Poker Leagues : Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments: October Promo code is finally here...

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Poker Tournaments. Dates Series Casino POY Coverage Status; Nov 29, '20 - Jan 03, '21 : 2020 World Series of Poker: / / King's Casino / Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino . Dec 10 Our spectacular state-of-the-art, non-smoking Poker Room showcases five modern new poker tables surrounded by big-screen HDTVs along with a guest host station. A Full House. Come test your poker skills with Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi/Lo and Spread Limit games in the friendliest casino poker room in the Phoenix Valley. See details on our 24-hour-a Sugarhouse Casino Poker Tournaments It's important to remember that Sugarhouse Casino Poker Tournaments Online Slots games operate randomly, no matter how many wins or losses have occurred in the Sugarhouse Casino Poker Tournaments past. In other words, the result of your last game has no bearing on the result of your next game. Online Slots games come in many varieties, each with different We bring you news of tournaments in the gambling world. Learn about the latest poker and casino tournaments with our news stories. Poker Tournaments. Some of our most popular events at the Filotimo Casino are the poker tournaments! With buy-ins of all sizes, there is sure to be a tournament for you. Bring your friends and get ready to enjoy some competitive poker with some of the region’s best players! Online poker tournaments can have different sized tables. The more players at the table the more opponents you have. This means you need better hands to play. Reducing the number of players at the table forces players to open up their play or suffer being eaten by the blinds! While most tournaments on Rounder Casino are nine handed, you will also see 5-Max, 6-Max, 7-Max, and 8-Max tournaments we are the Home of NZ Poker. Our regular tournaments and cash games are an opportunity to test your skill; win cash and progressive seats to bigger tournaments as well as gain great experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, an absolute beginner or looking for a private Poker function, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for here. Latest Freeroll Poker Tournaments – Get multiple weekly EXCLUSIVE freeroll passwords for the best sites. Win real money by playing poker for free! Chch Casino Poker Tournaments, casino near st cloud minnesota, come funziona il server del poker online, cba casino legale. 100%-R250 No Deposit; Wager: 60x B; Use Code: JCNDREWARDS; Slot Planet. May 21, 2019--Read rewiew 100%. €400 * T&C. Percentage. Percentage. 10 Free Spins Bonus18+ Only. T&Cs Apply -Personalize Your Account. 30x. Percentage. Visit casino 900. My account Your ID: Copy to Auch bei den Daily Tournaments war es generell ein ruhigerer Montag auf GGPoker, die DACHs konnten dennoch jubeln. Beim $210 Bounty Hunters Special waren 709 Entries am Start, $141.800 landeten im Pot. Iwillbemill setzte sich durch und kassierte $18.434 inkl. $12.088 an Bounties. CallMuckOk war

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Want a slice of the action? Play poker and win a seat* to a televised World Poker Tour event from ClubWPT! Check out* for more info.Like us on Fa... Daily Poker Tournaments Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack; 229 videos; 1,453 views; Last updated on Oct 1, 2016; Play all Share. Loading... Save. Sign in to YouTube. Sign in. 10/01/16 $150 ... Casino Regina's Poker Tournaments are some of the best in North America. Test your skill against fellow poker fanatics of every level in our three tournament... Superchat Alternatives: Venmo: @Timothy-Watts-1 Cash App:$TheTrooper97Lady Tr... Hey! My name is Mariano, and this channel was created to share some poker sessions, as well as document the journey of growing a baby bankroll while attending c... Casino Party USA has produced TENS OF THOUSANDS Of poker tournaments across the United States, and now we can offer our services ONLINE with a 100% LEGAL NAT... Playboy Mansion when the Urban Health Institute hosts its Second Annual Celebrity Poker Tournament and Casino Night. Academy Award™ nominated actor, Don Cheadle ("Reign Over Me") returns to ... In this video I explain how 500 players poker tournaments would be awesome in the game of gta 5 online casino update. It is better to play against other onli...